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Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Steve has served the Hutch for over 20 years in programming, planning, design, construction, commissioning and facilities-management roles, including four years as Facilities Engineering Manager.

Functions include cancer treatment facilities, labs, cleanrooms, BSL-2 & 3, clinical manufacturing (cGMP) facilities, vivarium and office/admin.

Services Provided

  • Provided planning, design and commissioning services for the Weintraub Laboratory Building, and concept design and construction oversight for the Thomas Clinical Research Building, 600,000 square feet total.
  • Led M/E/P engineering design and commissioning for the renovation of laboratories, biologics production areas, and building systems. He was the Engineer of Record and led M/E/P design. During construction, he focused his efforts on the most-difficult trouble-shooting and commissioning tasks.
  • As Manager of Facilities Engineering, Steve operated the same buildings and systems he had previously designed and built. He had 6 direct reports, 22 Operating Engineers and over $5 million annual operating budget.

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