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Eirschele Consulting Services

Erin Guthrie Business Manager

Erin Guthrie

Erin Guthrie

Erin is the organizational and management backbone of Eirschele Consulting Services. She has over 20 years in government and business helping people and projects effectively move to completion, with extensive experience in program development, planning and implementation. Well trained and steeped in quality processes, Erin brings a high level of organization to our work.


  • BS in Environmental Biology from Central Washington University (1982).
  • Supportive team player recognized for superior management, group process, facilitation and quality process skills.
  • Respected for ability to accomplish diverse tasks through teams.
  • 14 years in state government working with diverse environmental programs.
  • Business owner with strong business management skills.


Bachelor of Science Degree
Environmental Biology
Central Washington University (1982)

Specialized Training

  • Facilitation, Group Process, Quality Training including: Public Sector Quality Conference 1998, Presentation skills basic and advanced, Team Building/Group effectiveness, Manager as Negotiator, Facilitator Skills Training, Quality Overview, Quest 2001 – Total Quality Management, Team Building/ Group effectiveness.
  • Planning: Strategic Planning for State Strategic Plan 2010 developers, Washington State Project Management coursework, and miscellaneous planning coursework related to state planning processes.
  • Specific Facilitated Processes Lead: Central Records Quality Process, Ecology. Water Rights Permit Application revisions, Ecology. Hazardous Waste Compliance Inspection process revision, Ecology. Toxic Clean-up NWRO Program Reorganization facilitated process, Ecology. Facilitator (3 years) of the Hazardous Waste Program, statewide Implementation Network, responsible for leading management team of 24 people in making consistent decisions and revisions to rules state-wide. Miscellaneous facilitation and group processes assignments as determined by management.

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