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Eirschele Consulting Services

Brian EirscheleSenior Mechanical Designer, Commissioning & Field Services Agent

Brian Eirschele

Brian Eirschele

With over thirty years of experience as a mechanical consultant, test and balance contractor and senior designer, Brian joins ECS on projects as a designer and represents us in the field. Brian is hands-on with a practical approach to his work. Brian has provided field services and trouble-shooting nationwide and internationally, including England, Germany, Mexico and India.

  • Field services include travel to our clients plants, labs, and facilities, and surveying existing systems, in order to better understand our Owners needs, to identify directions, and to investigate design obstacles.
  • Trouble-shooting includes identifying and investigating initial engineering design issues, contractor installation issues, service and maintenance issues or demand related issues. Often this occurs in a close working relationship with the Owner.

Expertise and capabilities

  • Associates Degree, Milwaukee School of Engineering - 1987.
  • Registered Designer of Engineering Systems, State of Wisconsin, since 1994.
  • Over 17 years with Affiliated Engineers in Madison, WI ultimately as Senior Designer. He specialized in mechanical systems for hospitals, laboratories and complex commercial and industrial plants. He was highly valued for his hands-on experience of piping, electrical, HVAC and control systems in addition to architectural and structural techniques.
  • Brian established Eirschele Offices in Wisconsin in 1994, specializing in mechanical consultation, construction representative and TAB/commissioning. Key clients include: Navistar International Engine Plant, Chicago, IL, Caterpillar Corp (many locations), University of Texas Biomedical, Galveston Medial Branch, University of Wisconsin, Madison Institute of Energy, University of Washington Molecular Engineering and Chemistry building, Seattle, WA, Motores John Deere, Mexico.
  • On-site commissioning agent for Cummins Darlington, UK, managing and witnessing field activities, system start up and functional testing.
  • Mechanical consultant specializing in design and construction coordination. Brian helps build successful projects!

Professional Organizations and Memberships

  • Registered Designer of Engineering Systems, State of Wisconsin, since 1994.
  • Governor’s Award 1987 for prototype station cooler for factory/warehouse spot cooling.

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